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Anatomy of An Entrepreneur

An episodic talk show that provides valuable information, demonstrating how anyone can become a successful Entrepreneur.
Anatomy of an Entrepreneur is a dynamic interactive talk show that examines the life of an entrepreneur. Every week a different entrepreneur and Cliff engage in discussions about how they’ve reached the pinnacle of success and what makes them tick. Audience participation is key to its success, and the goal of the show is to bring our community together and learn what makes us important to each other.
Episode 64
The Streamcast network is creating a new show Join Me and our guest Chef Alan Gotay as we get under the hood and discuss all aspects of its development. The goal is to involve the community to help determine the direction of the show.
Episode 64
How did Frank Zinghini go from electrical engineering student to owner of Applied Visions, Inc., software development firm and president of start-up Software Design Solutions? Hard work and working smart. We discussed the ups and downs of entrepreneurialism and how Frank continues to stay relevant in this face paced constantly changing tech world.
Episode 63
Tom Sinclair is one of the most respected experts in the live streaming industry and no stranger to The Streamcast Network or Anatomy of an Entrepreneur. On this episode Tom and I discuss All things live streaming and how to use this powerful medium to build your business. In addition, Tom gives his streaming business predictions for 2020.
Episode 62
Our first annual “best of” and final episode for 2019 was voted by our audience. The Streamcast Network posted our favorite clips and our audience chose the top five. Watch as Cliff discusses the winning informative, entertaining and bloopers with Mike Innamorato, host of “Minutes With Mike”. The authenticity of live streaming really shines through.
Episode 61
The journey and work of “Ariel the Urbanist” is truly fascinating. His unique perspective, passion and positive attitude is inspirational. Check out this episode, it will not disappoint. Ariel provides educational and an entertaining alternative approach to tours in cities around the world. As Ariel says, “Learn the history, mysteries and secrets of cities across the world”.
Episode 60
Explorer, curious leader and a constant networker, Rob Hagedorn started his career by caddying for many years at the Garden City Golf Club. Through hard work and dedication, Rob worked his way to Managing Director of Accounts and Partner Solutions, driving business in North America) at by CSM, a global integrated sports and entertainment agency . Let’s get under the hood and find out how this intrapreneur became a BIG success.
Episode 59
Breast lift, tummy tuck, vaginal rejuvenation, and oncoplastic breast reduction. Everything you wanted to know about plastic surgery but were afraid to ask. Guest Meredith Vandegrift discusses her journey as an esteemed recontsructive surgeon. She’ll talk about the do’s, the don’ts, plus challenging questions. The answers you want to know.
Episode 58
Back on “Anatomy of an Entrepreneur”, Chef Alan Gotay of Babalu Cuban Restaurant, discusses building a successful brand, the excitement, the fears and what keeps him going. We discuss the newly expanded Babalu and his upcoming TV show (on the Streamcast Network) “Blind Taste”.
Episode 55
The cost of living is extraordinarily high on Long Island. How do you keep and build a workforce to keep its economy prosperous? Terri Alessi-Miceliand The HIA-LI (the Long Innovation Park of Hauppauge) are working diligently to meet the economic and disruptive challenges Long Island is facing. We discuss this with the Hauppauge Industrial Association, the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency and James Lima Planning.
Episode 54
Dr. Karl Kapp is an innovator and thought leader in the world of Gamfication. He also happens to be the Director of Interactive Technologies at Bloomsburg University’s Institute of Instructional Technologies. Why is he on “Anatomy of an Entrepreneur”? We told him we get 5 million views… we lied. Dr. Kapp Still appeared and talked all about Gamification in learning and his new book co-authored with Dr. Robin Defelice.
Episode 53
Can you imagine turning your business into a media empire? Well, Corey Winkoff and Mike Winkoff of FLG Lacrosse are. They are taking their successful Lacrosse teams and events business and have built an entire platform exponentially growing their business. We talk, Digital Marketing, building a brand and Lacrosse.
Episode 49
What do Acupuncture and Entrepreneurialism have in common? When you’re acupuncture thought leader, Chris Miranda of NY Chi Studios, it does. Take passion and the desire to help other,. mix it up and you’ve got a true success story. Check out Chris’s journey now!
Episode 48
A former CEO of a Fortune 500, Hollywood movie producer and now behind a new AI startup. What can’t Michael Critelli do? Find out more when we speak with Mike about his accomplishments and his new AI startup.
Episode 45
Not only is Dr. Charles Thompson III a well respected bariatric surgeon, but also a successful businessman. We discussed the in’s and outs on what it takes to become a sought after surgeon running a successful medical practice.
Episode 44
Joe Maddalone of Joe Maddalone Power Strategies believes that business growth can stall when entrepreneurs get overwhelmed handling day to day processes of their businesses. Joe says even the very best entrepreneurs may need help in seeing the big picture. Check out this episode when Joe and I review clips from previous AOE episodes.
Episode 43
Did you know the Long Island Innovation Park at Hauppauge is the second largest industrial park in the nation just behind Silicon Valley? Watch this episode of “Anatomy of an Entrepreneur” when we speak with Hauppauge Industrial Association (HIA) President and CEO Terri Alessi-Miceli. We follow her journey and how she provides an opportunity to business through the many resources offered by the HIA.
Episode 42
From tenderizing his opponents to tenderizing meat, Alan Gotay turned in his boxing gloves for his passion of Cuban Cuisine. In this episode, we speak with Chef Alan about both his passion and amazing Cuban restaurant, Babalu in downtown Huntington Village Long Island. This episode will knock you out!
Episode 41
Enamored at the age of 12 by Julia Child, Victor McNulty found his passion for food. His culinary career started by washing dishes at the South Hampton Inn and his journey took him all the way to Campus President for The Culinary Academy of Long Island. Now Chef Victor is on a new journey as he helps everyone find their passion for cooking in the Cooks Studio. Join us as we talk and make sushi in our studio.
Episode 40
Do you know that person who genuinely enjoys making good things better? Well, if you don’t, you will. “Anatomy of an Entrepreneur” interviews guest, Michael LaVilla. He has spent over 35 years creating successful programs, methods and operational efficiencies in a variety of industries and organizations strategizing and executing the most efficient business processes throughout the world.
Episode 39
Larry Lipicoli has an uncanny ability to place himself in someone else’s shoes, literally! Larry’s first job was repairing shoes in his father’s show store. It was his dad’s who set an example of always trying to do better which followed Larry throughout his career. Watch as we speak with Larry Lipicoli and find out how he journeyed from shoes to becoming superintendent of some very prestigious school systems.
Episode 38
Did you know that by the year 2022 82% of ALL internet traffic will be video? True Story. Find out how important live video is to your marketing deck. Host Cliff Sobel breaks it down and shows you” How to Grow Your Business Through The Power of Live Streaming”
Episode 37
Coffee is music to Chris Vetter’s ears, especially when this punk musician learned all about coffee during concert tours He visited a new coffee shop wherever he went. But it was a concert tour in Central America when his passion became overwhelming and Chris turned into a coffee entrepreneur. Find out how Chris got through the grind on this episode of “Anatomy of an Entrepreneur”.
Episode 36
Jim Matthews decided at an early age he wanted to be president. While he didn’t up running our country, he did become a Suffolk county judge. Join us when Jim describes his journey.
Episode 35
In this episode the tables are turned on Cliff Sobel, Founder of The Streamcast Network. Cliff discusses with Paul Richards and Tess Protesto, hosts of the
StreamGeeks live show (and the glue of live streaming at PTZ Optics) his journey to live streaming. Cliff , Paul and Tess also discuss the importance and necessity of live streams to grow any business.
Episode 34
When you’re an entrepreneur, just say yes and figure it out later. That’s what Laura Vorreyer did and she became a dog walker to the Rich and famous of Hollywood. She’s also invented products for the pet care industry and is now an accomplished author of “The Pet Sitter’s Tale”. The best part is, she started as a makeup artist.
Episode 33
I’ve met the president of Binghamton University, Harvey Stenger several times. I wondered if I would feel intimidated by a man of this stature. I can honestly say no, He’s a regular guy and so easy to speak with. Our conversation talks about how Harvey rose to President at one of the most distinguished University in the U.S. BTW, He has a starring credit in “The Rewrite” starring Hugh Grant and Marissa Tomei:)
Episode 32
You know em’, you love em’ you can’t live without em’. They’re baaaaack! The humble and lovable Diane Palma and Maria Misko of the amazing creative design firm, Digho Arts. It’s our one year anniversary show of “Anatomy of an Entrepreneur”! We’ll focus on their journey and ours since they were our first guests 1 year ago.
Episode 31
With Offices in Huntington and Manhattan, Barry Lites is uniquely qualified to be a guest on “Anatomy of an Entrepreneur”. He not only understands the law but he sets a fine example for his Community, Huntington NY. Barry’s key to his success is creating a strong relationship and commitment to helping his clients and the community as a whole.
Episode 30
Quack, Quack! Have you heard of the Ducks? They are Long Island’s own minoe league baseball team. “Anatomy of an Entrepreneur is fortunate enough to have their President, Michael Pfaff as a guest. Not only has Michael helped make this team a household name on the Island, but he has earned the prestigious 40 Under 40 title by The Long Island Business News.
Episode 29
Sport teams rejoice! These two young bucks and the founders of X Factor Meals, Matt Riss and Mark Ciaburri are disrupting the food industry and helping athletes play their best through healthy eating! Watch our conversation with these two rising stars in the food catering industry.
Episode 28
From delivering pizza at Dominos to growing a family business from 1 location to 38, Ed Santalone is President of Atlantic Irrigation and a leader in the irrigation industry. He is now President of the Irrigation Association and contributes his time to many worthy causes. Check out why Ed believes happy employees will help him grow Atlantic.
Episode 27
At the age of 21 Mark Eaton, was an auto mechanic with no talent for basketball. In a few short years, using his teamwork principles, Mark became an intrinsic player for the Utah Jazz. In addition, he became the NBA’s “Defensive Player” of the Year-twice and also earned a spot on the All-Star team while breaking the NBA record for most blocked shots in a single season. This episode examines how Mark utilized his skills in basketball as a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author and restauranteur.

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