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Anatomy of An Entrepreneur

An episodic talk show that provides valuable information, demonstrating how anyone can become a successful Entrepreneur.
Anatomy of an Entrepreneur is a dynamic interactive talk show that examines the life of an entrepreneur. Every week a different entrepreneur and Cliff engage in discussions about how they’ve reached the pinnacle of success and what makes them tick. Audience participation is key to its success, and the goal of the show is to bring our community together and learn what makes us important to each other.
Episode 26
Bennigans, T.G.I. Friday’s, Hard Rock Cafe, The New York Yankees, Joe’s Crab Shack, Now the COO of City Winery, David Miller is a ROCK STAR in the Restaurant Business. watch this fascinating discussion when we interview David about his journey in the restaurant biz and how his story will inspire you to be the next restaurant titan.
Episode 25
Hi-jacking his high school network, James Taliento learned a valuable lesson and turned a negative into a positive. He is the founder and CEO of Cursive Security, a provider of intelligence-driven cybersecurity services. With a background rooted in offensive security, James offers unique insight in his approach to evaluating organizations and honing their defensive strategy. Watch this engaging interview and follow James’s journey.
Episode 24
Comfortable in is own skin, David Berkowitz doesn’t seem to get uncomfortable. For a guy named David Berkowitz to name his own marketing consultation firm “Serial Marketer”, is either crazy or a genius. His accomplishments are too long to list and he makes many of us jealous. Watch as David and I talk about his passion, perseverance on his entrepreneurial journey.
Episode 23
HARRY CHAPIN “, Father, Musician, Humanitarian, and Entrepreneur. Wait What?! Yup and we’ll prove it. Watch this conversation with Harry’s children Josh and Jason Chapin They channel Harry and discuss his great deeds for others using the entrepreneurial spirit.
Episode 22
Pitney Bowes Former CEO Mike Critelli lets no grass grow under his feet. With varied interests like becoming intimately involved in start-ups to executive producing a feature movie, Check out this episode and learn how Mike continues to stay involved and relevant.
Episode 21
Kim Adragna is not your run of the mill podcaster. She is an international award winning On-Air personality for Grindhouse Radio. Her show has a listenership of 3.5 – 4 million listeners every week on iHeartRadio, Google Play, Spotify and is top 20 comedic podcasts on iTunes. If a show like that doesn’t keep you busy, how about Kim’s voice-over talents that have been Check out how Kim’s persevering and winning attitude breeds success!
Episode 20
He’s Baaaaaaak! 3x Guinness Book World Record Holder and Pirelli World Challenge champion, Johan Schwartz will be back in our studio LIVE! This time we took a deeper dive into his entrepreneurial spirit and adventures.
Episode 19
What a resume! She’s interviewed presidents, business magnates, prisoners, and celebrities. Plus, she’s won 9 Emmy Awards, and in addition, she was named Correspondent of the Year by New York’s Police Detectives and received a similar honor from New York’s Firefighters. Join host Cliff Sobel of an “Anatomy of an Entrepreneur” when has a conversation with news anchor and journalist Jane Hanson about her illustrious career.
Episode 18
What do you get when you mix BEER with an ENTREPRENEUR? That’s right, a Beertrepreneur. And it takes a BIG set of cajones to leave your fancy finance career to start a microbrewery from Scratch. Check out our conversation with Six Harbors Brewing Company’s founder, Mark Heweutter and find out how he shares his vision passion and perseverance.
Episode 17
Believe it or not, there are lots of commonalities between Lacrosse and Entrepreneurialism. Join us for our conversation with Cory Winkoff as he discusses how the “love of the game” is more similar than you might think. We’ll also divulge our plans for FLG’s new show on the Streamcast Network, “Beyond The Game”, starring founders Corey and Mike Winkoff.
Episode 16
Lee Certilman, Chairman of the Greater New York Automobile Dealer Association and Principal of Nardy Honda is is a no nonsense, levelheaded successful entrepreneur. He took a neglected family business and turned it into one of the largest Honda Dealers on Long Island.
Episode 15
After his career went awry and the responsibility of a family to raise, Tom Sinclair followed his passion and started a live streaming business. Now he is one of the most respected experts in the industry. Tom’s Career has not only recovered, but his live streaming business is thriving. Tom says he’s retired because he loves what he does. Join us for conversation to see how Tom achieved success.
Episode 14
Do you know what your New York State Assemblyman does for you? Do you know how his/her decisions can affect your everyday life? Well, Michael Marcantonio has his own ideas and he wants to be State Assemblyman for the 12th District in Suffolk County New York. Whether you agree or disagree, he’s got a fire in his belly which he thinks will positively change our lives. Watch this latest episode and hear what he had to say.
Episode 13
You may think of New York Cares as only providing winter coats to the homeless, but they’re way more! Check out our conversation with Executive Director, Gary Bagley. We discussed how New York Cares inspires entrepreneurialism and helps those who volunteer just as much as those in need.
Episode 12
Do you think if you contracted rheumatic fever as a child and were paralyzed from the waist down, it may change your outlook on life? What if a few years later you were diagnosed with a brain tumor and after your surgery you contracted meningitis? Our next guest has and it did. Meet Lori Kelleher. In the face of severe adversity, she has repeatedly demonstrated a “never quit” attitude and has become a business powerhouse with her own line of organic haircare products.
Episode 11
Can you imagine at age seven telling your parents, “Play numbers 4 and 5 in the 6th” at a horse race and being absolutely correct? Well, our Guest, Gary Joseph, renowned psychic did. He is passionate about helping others which is part of his secret sauce. Checkout this riveting interview and see how Gary has built a thriving business that has over 1000 clients and a 2 year waiting list!
Episode 10
Can you imagine your voice booming around the sound system of Madison Square Garden or Citi Field? Our last guest has. Charles “Chuck” Lott tells us how he went from cheerleading to the voice of Madison Square Garden.
Episode 9
The first McDonald’s opened in the Soviet Union during January of 1990. Shortly thereafter, our guest, Robert Langer opened up the first Joint Venture American Law office in Moscow. Check out his unique career path, his rise to success and how he’s guided numerous companies achieve their goals!
Episode 8
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive sideways for 232 miles? Well our guest and race driver, Johan Schwartz did and achieved a world record 3 times! Check out this entertaining and informative episode and find out how this Pirelli World Challenge champion reached his goal. Catch our drift? 🙂
Episode 7
When is a win a win? When you’re working with Cory and Mike Winkoff of FLG Lacrosse. Using lacrosse as a vehicle, they help kids become self sufficient independently minded young adults. Watch the journey For their Love of The Game!
Episode 6
From banker to baker, mix it up with founder Seth Raphaeli of Studmuffin Desserts. Find out what it takes to successfully sell his mouth watering baked goods in the most respected retail brands. And join us Thursdays on The Streamcast Network Facebook page at 11:30 am for upcoming adventures of Anatomy of an Entrepreneur!
Episode 5
28 year old wunderkind Rob Pepi, co-founder of Goodpep Digital Marketing was our guest on Anatomy of an Entrepreneur. We got underneath the hood with this articulate young entrepreneur and found out how he and his partner Spencer Goodrich have and continue to achieve success. Watch Anatomy of an Entrepreneur on Thursdays at 11:30 am on The Streamcast Network Facebook page. And remember nomofomo!
Episode 4
Hip, groovy, quirky and sheik. See what makes founder Dominique Maciejka so successful with her stores Paper Doll Vintage and Paper Doll Curiosity. You’ll feel like someone transported you back to Haight Ashbury!
Episode 3
Who sells surfboards during snow storms? NALU Dry Goods does. Watch episode 3 of Anatomy of an Entrepreneur and find out how founder, Marie Fischer went from growing up in beautiful Hawaii, to owning and operating two dry goods stores on Long Island. It’s not easy when your a raising a family and building your own swimsuit brand.
Episode 2
John’s Crazy Socks is a fascinating story of a father son team starting with an idea and building a dream into a reality. In their first year, they sold $2,000,000 in socks. If that doesn’t peak your interest, here’s the twist. John has down syndrome and has defied all odds in working with his dad to build this dynamic business. Watch our second episode and be inspired by their journey!
Episode 1
In our premiere episode Cliff has an informal conversation with the founders of Digho Arts, Maria Misko and Diane Palma. They discuss their backgrounds, challenges and what drove them to build a successful design and branding agency. The fun heats up when they are served a home cooked meal from Northport’s own Tim’s Shipwreck Diner. Maria, Diane and Cliff continue discussing what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur while honestly critiquing Tim’s culinary delights.

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