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According to Cisco, by 2022, 82% of all internet traffic will be video. Facebook says that people watch a live video 3 times longer than a prerecorded video. Video is now a necessity to market YOUR business.

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Adding video to your marketing mix is now a necessity and there’s nothing more powerful than delivering your message live. A study buy IBM said that 77% of respondents achieved a deeper interaction and increased engagement with viewers using live video. Hubspot says that “adding video to your marketing mix increases customer conversion by 80% or more”.

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Do I need to bring my own gear?

Nope, we’re all set up. We have all the gear, technology and live streaming production experts to air your show. All you need is to come in, sit down, and get to work.

May I have guests on my program?

Yes, depending on the package determines how many guests.

How do I prepare for the show?

We will supply you with a one pager that describes what you need, type of clothing to wear, how to handle yourself in front of the camera etc.

May I bring my own graphics, photos and/or pre-recorded video for my show?

Yes, that is something we have to discuss beforehand in order to make sure the content is placed in our system.

Studio Services Glossary of Terms

1 Hour Live Production

Come in and get on the air immediately. Use our studio services and create your own show for 1 full hour.

1 Camera Shoot

1 professional camera shoot. Great for 1 person show.

Black Backdrop

Production quality black background. Basic but professional.

Wireless Mics

Highest quality wireless remote microphones provides a clear crisp sound. Eliminates echoes and background noise. 2 mics gives you the ability to have an in studio guest on your show.

Technical Director

The Technical Director operates the live streaming software and ensure the highest quality consistent streams to make your show looks like it belongs on one of the networks.

Basic Lighting Package

Cinematic lighting package, provides even lighting so you look professional, raising the production quality of your program.

Broadcast to One Media Platform

Choose where you want your program to air.

In the Bronze level, you may choose, Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Twitch or for an additional fee right on to your own web page.

Two Person Shoot

In the Bronze level, you may have up to two people on set at a time. That may include a co-host or guest. We’ll provide wireless mics for both subjects to insure the highest quality audio.

Three Camera Shoot

Bring your production level up a notch. You can have an establishing shot of you and your guest, then a close-up on each of you. It’s added value to your production and helps emphasize critical points.

Three People on Set

Have up to 3 people on set. Includes muli-views and all required audio gear to make you sound like a pro.

Single View Green Screen

Either use one of our stock backgrounds or bring your own. Whether you want to give the perception that you’re in a busy Manhattan office or on the beach in Hawaii, almost anything is possible. That includes video of still photography; the more we add, the more hi-end perception you will give.


Take a load off and hang out in our greenroom before your show goes on air. Take some time to make last minute changes to your show.

Two Broadcast Platforms

Maybe your audience is in multiple places like Facebook and YouTube. We can broadcast to both, simultaneously, spreading your message further and wider.

Recorded Video File

The importance of live streaming isn’t just the live stream. We will provide you with the finished show that you can reuse and repurpose as you see fit. You may want to create and add an informational clip, or rearrange and re-edit the show to provide a different message.

Ending Credits

Let everyone know who is involved in your program togive you another opportunity to spread your message. They can be customized and modified for each episode of your show.

Remote Guest

Do you want to bring on a guest that can’t be in the studio? Maybe they reside in California, London or just can’t make it to the show. As long as they have a solid internet connection, we can bring them on, opening up more opportunities to you.

Multi Camera Green Screen

When you use a green screen It’s usually one angle for a one camera shoot. But what if you want the production quality of a 3 camera broadcast? Then you need specific backgrounds that meet the angle of each camera. In our gold level we do just that, giving your production a seamless polished look that makes your set look more realistic.

Producer/Director Consultation

At our Gold level, we’ll give you one hour of media consultation to help you make the best decisions about your program. Consultation includes:

  • Preparing for your live stream
  • Content Advice
  • Handling yourself in front of the camera
  • Navigating through a conversation

Live Stream Social Media Consultation

  • Pre-stream Social Media
  • Post Show Social Media
  • Repurposing Live Stream Content

Remote Guests

Do you want to bring on guests that can’t be in the studio? Maybe they reside in California, London or just can’t make it to the studio. As long as they have a solid internet connection, we can bring them on, opening up more opportunities to you.

Edited Promotional Clip

The power of your show isn’t only in the live stream. It has an afterlife that can be used and reused over and over. Streamcast can provide you a promotional clip that speaks to a specific point, which builds trust and credibility, letting your viewers know that you are the expert in your industry.

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