As a live streaming video content creator my opinion is insignificant as compared to my audience. I want the audience engaged which is essential to a successful live stream. How do I accomplish this? From a content creators standpoint, I want to know what my audience is thinking, their likes, dislikes and opinions. This helps to craft compelling and relevant content. It’s important to stay connected before, during and after a program. Look for comments that demonstrate similarities between audience members. It provides good information to build content want.

One of the coolest components about live video is the ability to reshape content and modify a program instantaneously. This way you can alter the show direction on the fly. The more engaged an audience, the easier it is to build a solid relationship and trust with them. It’s what keeps them coming back and increases the chances they will share programming with others.

If you’re looking to build any type of live streamed programming (whether building an audience or business) leave your own opinion at the door and pay attention to your audiences wants and needs. You will create better content and a more engaged audience.

About the Author Clifford Sobel is a live streaming strategist and live video producer. He founded the Streamcast Network and hosts the Facebook live show, “Anatomy of an Entrepreneur”. You can find out more about Cliff and The Streamcast Network at Contact: [email protected]