Simulmedia Live

Simulmedia is a New York-based TV ad platform that enables predictable, scalable customer creation. Powered by the company’s patented software platform, robust data science and experienced media industry veterans, Simulmedia empowers marketers to rapidly receive audience and TV campaign insights, activate those insights via plans that quickly and cost efficiently reach more targeted customers on every Nielsen rated network at guaranteed scale, and optimize for continuous growth.

Simulmedia has a show called Simulmedia Live about premium video advertising for marketers and agencies. Featuring the media and marketing innovators who are shaping the industry, every episode of Simulmedia Live, moderated by SVP of Marketing Matt Collins, will address the trends, thought-provoking questions, and discoveries that will make all of us smarter and more effective.

Meryl Draper, CEO and founder of Quirk Creative, discusses how her agency is helping brands both young and more mature produce better creative.
Quirk delivers them in a way that makes them easy to test, with an eye toward delivering better business outcomes.
Meryl addresses the myths associated with TV creatives like price and duration, how the ‘Quirk experience’ is a completely unique business experience, and how it has remained a pitch-free agency for over five years. Plus, she explains why 2020 is the year for advertisers to experiment with creative testing, and more exciting “three flame emoji” creatives.

How Crown Media Wins with Viewers, Advertisers and the Christmas Season
In this holiday-themed episode, Bill Abbott, President and CEO of Crown Media, shares how Crown Media’s family of Hallmark channels has become a household name and family-favorite through powerful branding and insight-led content production strategy. His main trick for engaging viewers throughout entire programs is to treat advertisements as complementary to the program – which has won with viewers and brands alike.

TV Pitches. Mobile Catches. | A Conversation About Full-Funnel Media with Kochava
Charles Manning, CEO and Founder of Kochava, discusses how mobile and TV can – and should – work together for effective media campaigns. Charles says that all marketers should have a solid approach and strategy to think about mobile and data from a signal perspective. This requires identifying signal on each channel correctly to avoid over-generous attribution, but without the right toolset, it’s next to impossible to gain clear signal and act on it.

Creating Trust and Transparency in the Marketing Ecosystem
Bill Duggan, Group Executive Vice President of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA for short), pinpoints key steps marketers can take to promote and demand transparency due to the erosion of trust in this programmatic market. To combat the fraud created by “black box” media, the ANA has formed its Trust Consortium – “an alliance among ANA members and their partners that will be a voice for brands on transparency, measurement, auditing, digital fraud, and brand safety through ongoing reporting and analysis.”

How Monster Uses TV Advertising to Attract More Job-seekers
Shaun Farrar, Monster’s Senior Director of Global Media, joined for a candid conversation about the online job database’s media history and current comeback. In the ‘90s, Monster was the go-to site for job-seekers, as it virtually replaced newspaper listings. It soon lost its prominence thanks to the rise of companies like LinkedIn, Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Today, Monster has a new media leader with a unique vision for the future of the company and strategy of “outsmarting, not outspending” his competition. Shaun brings a background in digital to his role that requires TV to work harder and be able to prove it quickly through insights.

Wall Street’s Take On The Latest Marketing and Media Trends with BMO Capital Markets
Dan Salmon, Managing Director and Equity Research Analyst with BMO Capital Markets, covers some of the most innovative, marketing-driven companies in the Media and Internet sectors, like Amazon, Google, and Netflix, and ad agencies as well. Dan describes how internet companies have adopted the direct-to-consumer (D2C) model to build stronger customer relationships, how digitally-native brands determine it’s time to level-up and invest in TV, how the most valuable marketers in the eyes of CMOs and CFOs are tracking insights from the customer journey, and so much more.

Defining the DTC Growth Playbook with Marco Marandiz
Marco Marandiz, growth strategist for high-potential direct-to-consumer brands at 2PM Inc., brings a range of experience in digital product, software engineering, UX design, and marketing, giving him a unique perspective on building DTC brands. Marco, joined by Simulmedia’s Evangelist Nikhil Lai, discuss which DTC brands are standing out and why, recommendations for deciding between in-house and agencies, predictions for the DTC market in the next year, and more.

How to Reach Millennials on TV with Haven Life
Matt Myers, Haven Life’s Head of Customer Acquisition, joined to talk about how Haven Life finds and acquires millennials via television advertising. Haven Life is a direct-to-consumer online insurance company backed by MassMutual. This backing provides Haven Life with over 100 years of customer data to inform their media and creative strategy, among other topics.

Challenging Old-school Advertising with Harmelin Media
Sean McCormick, Senior Director of Harmelin Media (one of Simulmedia’s agency partners) joined remotely from the Harmelin Media office in Philly to discuss how Harmelin guides and executes TV – and media more broadly – for their clients. Harmelin Media is the largest media services firm in Pennsylvania and the fifth largest independent agency in the country.

Attribution for TV Advertising | Training Session
This training course, led by Steven Golus, shows the ways in which marketers can collect viewership data, track a variety of business outcomes, and determine attribution for TV advertising. Then attribution for TV advertising was put into practice in the last 30 minutes of the session with a Q&A featuring Achim Spelten, VP of Marketing at Babbel, and Greg Fitzgerald, founder of growth marketing consultancy Belbrook Media. Greg also has worked for the likes of Blue Apron, Brooklinen, and Mixtiles.

The State of Television Advertising – Past, Present and Future
Matt asks company President John Piccone about the state of TV advertising today. Understanding where the industry is and where it’s headed requires understanding both technology and media, two things Piccone knows well based on the shifts in advertising strategies he has witnessed throughout his various roles in print, digital and TV advertising.

Three Questions To Ask Your TV Attribution Provider
In Simulmedia’s first episode of Simulmedia Live, their Senior Data Scientist Alex Papiu explains why there is no single “right” metric for measuring successful attribution in any advertising campaign. Instead, to determine the success of ad spots across channels, advertisers must be able to decide which data actually matters.