Have you ever had a great business idea, concept, or thought that could put you on top? Thomas Edison said “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. I’m here to say it’s true. If there is something you want to accomplish be prepared no matter how smart or talented you are, (even if you have a genius IQ),  it’s about the hard work. The myth of the overnight success is just that. Successful people seem like they’ve succeeded over night, but it’s really a culmination of many little steps which in turn creates giant leaps.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld says there are Three Keys to Successand that most people fail because they stop at the second. He says inspiration is number one, meaning coming up with a new idea or concept. In Jerry’s experience, that’s the easiest part. Number two is the execution of the idea. He says most people stop there. Jerry says for him, just as important as inspiration and execution, is the detail.  Seinfeld says he obsesses over detail to make his jokes perfect. And that is where perseverance lies. It a lot of time to make something the best it can be.

Take a look at what “Anatomy of an Entrepreneur” guest, Chuck Lott said about perseverance during his coaching days. He doesn’t really believe failing is failing as long as one gets up and continues their journey toward success. That’s perseverance!

From time to time, everyone hits walls and as a matter of fact, the most successful entrepreneurs fail far more than they succeed. So the next time you hit a wall, think of Channeling Your Inner Roomba, just keep going. A fail is only a fail when you give up.

About the Author Clifford Sobel is a live streaming strategist and live video producer. He founded the Streamcast Network and hosts the Facebook live show, “Anatomy of an Entrepreneur”. You can find out more about Cliff and The Streamcast Network at streamcastnetwork.com. Contact: [email protected]