It’s your big chance, you’ve got the technology, you’ve got something to say and you believe there is an audience that wants to hear you. But the thought of speaking into the camera is daunting. Even worse, you’re live, you can’t take back what you say, you can’t fix your hair or reread a line.

In my experience with live, I’ve had all those feelings, but over time they dissipate. Maybe that is because I’m getting used to getting uncomfortable. I remember the first time I went live, the feeling was incredibly awkward, I was alone in a room speaking into the camera lens. There was no feedback, no sounds of laughter, not even a yawn. As I practiced it got easier. Actually, I found the unpredictability of live video exciting. While my live streams are carefully thought through, I never really know what’s going to happen. Audiences like the spontaneity of the human condition. It’s much more relatable to them than a slick promotional video.

Yes, I plan, I strategize, I even create a structure for my live streams, but, there’s nothing like being in the moment. I never know what someone may ask or say in the comment box. Maybe I’ll have a technical glitch or maybe say something mistakenly. I’ll laugh at my own foibles. The key is providing good content. Live streams aren’t about fancy, they are about being real and sincere. You have have no choice because it’s instantaneous. Audiences respect sincerity and it helps to build trust and long lasting online relationships. So, if you’re thinking of going live, get uncomfortable, it builds comfort.

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About the Author Clifford Sobel is a live streaming strategist and live video producer. He founded the Streamcast Network and hosts the Facebook live show, “Anatomy of an Entrepreneur”. You can find out more about Cliff and The Streamcast Network at Contact: [email protected]